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Inviting Kpop Lovers to be part of KWaveCraze~!

HEY guys!

It's been awhile since I decided to post, well, a post.

So as you guys know, KWaveCraze provides thousands of links and hundreds of series of KPop Variety Shows as well as dramas. However, due to copyright claims, sites are constantly removing and taking down links and videos. A few of us are unable to manage the site 24/7, and so, well. We need YOU to help! :)

We are inviting 10 - that's right - 10 KPop lovers to be an official administrator on the blog. Just fit these criteria and you are on your way to be part of the family!

  1. Has plenty of knowledge on where to get relevant video links!
  2. Able to post once every 2-3 days on KWaveCraze.
  3. Able to / Has already own a blogger account.
  4. Is an enthusiastic KPop Lover!
Then, WE WANT YOU! Send your applications to now in the following format:

Full Name: ___ (That's right, genuine!)
Blogger User Account: ___ (Your Username of blogger!)
Email: ___ (If you do have plenty of accounts. We need to contact you if necessary!)
I can post once every: ____ days.
Kpop Fan level: __/10.

Don't worry, we're not requesting for your personal information.If you do receive emails asking for your phone no., address, or any personal info, THAT'S NOT US!

Application is not in a first come first serve basis. So, mail us anytime! If we find you as a suitable candidate, we'll contact you a.s.a.p! Queries please comment in the comments section below:)
Remember, sharing is caring. *^_^*


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At November 12, 2011 at 1:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

ow i'm interested ^^
,,but gonna make some blog first *i dont have one =(*


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