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Tutorial to download Episodes on KWaveCraze!

So now we're going to learn how to download your favourite episodes so that you can view them later, and you won't have to care whether they are already licensed or not!
#1: Copy the streaming link of your video. You need it later! To be safe, paste it in a Word document. Eg.

#2: Head to ClipNabber.

#3: Paste your link into the "URL" portion and click on the orange "nab!" button.

#4: For Youtube or Dailymotion videos, click on the checkbox below that says use paste source code method instead of Java (for YouTube and Dailymotion) 

#5: For further instructions, follow whatever the site ask you to do. Done~!
To make it simpler for Youtube and DailyMotion video users...

#1: Head to KeepVid.

#2: Click on the "download" button.

#3: Allow JavaApplet to RUN.

#4: Click on the format of the video you want it to be downloaded, and you're DONE! :D


You can now download free Episodes here!
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At December 7, 2011 at 7:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

these don't work.. and when they ask you to just download the software its a hassle...any other suggestions on how to download these videos for free?


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